My Lovely Babes

please welcome my new babes ~
this is the new one, i got it from happy meals McD, i really wanted Keroro first, so i'm searching another McD at Bandung yesterday, i found him at McD Setiabudi, and i want Tamama...i'll search it today, wish i can find him too...

I buy it last Friday @ animart Ciwalk, i really like it!! It's soooo cute!! Shinchan inside his favourite sad that Yoshito Usui (Shinchan's author) died, may he rest in peace.

I got this from brother from my sister in law, he buy it in Japan, yay!! I like it!

There~ Death The Kid from Soul Eater (manga & anime), Got it from gashapon machine at Istana Plaza Bandung, Dika buy the coin for me, teeheee ,,^^,,

There's another babes, i'll upload it to another post, wokay!! ^^